Vacation on North Myrtle Beach real estate.North Myrtle Beach is a favorite vacation spot for people from the Carolinas and beyond. The gorgeous beaches, variety of activities, and great community makes North Myrtle Beach real estate a great investment. However, not everyone is able to purchase a vacation home. Sometimes the realities of caring for a vacation property from afar is too much for people to handle. For many people, an interval ownership property or fractional partnership ownership is the best way to enjoy North Myrtle Beach real estate.

An interval ownership property is a real estate investment that gives owners a percentage of the property and the right to use a property for a particular period of time. Unlike time shares where prime vacation season week shares are usually more expensive than off-season shares, interval properties are generally set up for a longer period of time, covering an entire season vs. a peak week. Timeshares and interval ownership can be a great choice for people who fall in love with an area and want to come back every year to explore it more thoroughly. While timeshares have sometimes gotten a bad reputation because of unscrupulous or fraudulent companies, interval ownership includes an actual deed to the property rather than an amount of time. Vetted brokers and real estate agents, like our team at Seaside Sales, delivers superior service in your quest for any type of vacation property or fractional ownership.

Another way to invest in North Myrtle Beach property for vacations is fractional partnership ownership. Joint ownership is somewhat new to the United States and involves fewer joint owners than a timeshare. Timeshares may have up to 52 owners, while interval ownership homes only have four to 16 owners on average. This means fractionals have less wear and tear and more flexibility about how long and when joint owners can use the property. Fractionals often give owners more control over their property than a timeshare. Due to this, fractionals can be more expensive than timeshares.

At Seaside Sales, we’ve helped many clients achieve the dream of owning a little bit of North Myrtle Beach real estate. We’d be happy to go over the differences between timeshares and fractionals with you and help you decide what type of interval ownership delivers the best fit for you to enjoy North Myrtle Beach vacations for years to come.